Dubai’s RTA Implements New Minimum Top-up Requirement for Nol Cards

Dubai Metro riders take note: starting January 15, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) requires a minimum recharge of Dhs20 at metro stations. To sidestep this increase and save money, passengers are encouraged to recharge their NOL cards online, where the new minimum has not been applied.

Besides, the RTA new top up Requirement for NOL cards is now up. So, check the Dubai metro commuters for NOL card top-ups.

New Top-up Requirement for Nol Cards

Starting January 15, 2024, RTA has implemented a new top-up requirement for Nol cards. At ticket offices, commuters can now easily obtain or add credit to their Nol cards for just AED 20, ensuring seamless journeys across Dubai’s transportation network. The authority emphasized this initiative to facilitate hassle-free travel experiences for residents and visitors alike. Additionally, for anonymous Nol cards, the maximum allowable value is capped at AED 1,000 or $273.

Dubai Metro Commuters: Adjust Your Budgets for Nol Card Top-Ups

Starting today, Dubai Metro users will need to take note of the new minimum recharge amount introduced by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). The RTA’s new minimum top up Requirement is Dhs20. It is now required when recharging NOL cards at metro stations. However, this change is part of RTA’s efforts to streamline the transportation experience across the city.

Online NOL Cards Top-Up: Your Route to Savings

For those looking to save, the increased minimum does not affect online recharges. By topping up your NOL card through digital channels like the NOL Pay app, the RTA website, and app, or the Dubainow application, you can maintain your budget and skip the new minimum NOL card requirements.

Benefits of a Pre-Charged Nol Card

Keeping your NOL card charged is not just about convenience; it’s a way to minimize the need to carry cash or multiple bank cards. With its versatile use across buses, trams, ferries, abras, and even non-transport services like supermarkets, restaurants, and pharmacies, the NOL card is an indispensable tool for residents and visitors alike.

Limits and Balances of NOL Card

It’s important to know your spending limits with the NOL card. For anonymous cardholders, the maximum balance is Dhs1,000, while those with registered cards can hold up to Dhs5,000. This flexibility ensures that whether you’re an occasional traveler or a daily commuter, there’s an option that fits your needs.

More FAQs

What is the new minimum top-up amount for Nol cards at Dubai Metro stations?

The new minimum top-up amount for Nol cards at Dubai Metro stations is Dhs20.

When does the new minimum top-up requirement come into effect?

The new minimum top-up requirement came into effect on Monday, January 15.

Does the new top-up requirement apply to online recharges?

No, the new top-up requirement does not apply to online recharges. Commuters can still top up their Nol cards online with the previous lower rates.

What are the benefits of topping up my Nol card online?

Topping up your Nol card online can help you save money if you want to add less than Dhs20, as the new minimum top-up requirement is only for physical recharges at metro stations. It also offers the convenience of recharging from anywhere without needing to visit a station.

Can the Nol card be used for services other than public transport?

Yes, the Nol card can be used for a variety of services, including shopping at supermarkets, dining at restaurants, visiting attractions, and paying for everyday services such as parking and taxi fares.

What is the maximum balance I can have on my Nol card?

For an anonymous Nol card, the maximum balance is Dhs1,000. For a registered card, the maximum balance you can have is Dhs5,000.

Are there any exceptions to this new top-up rule?

Currently, the new minimum top-up requirement is only for recharges done at metro stations. Online recharges, as well as some other physical recharge points, may not be subject to this rule.

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