Nol 1 Day Pass – Prices and Validity

If you’re planning a trip around Dubai, the Nol 1 Day Pass could be your best companion for unlimited travel. It covers unlimited trips on the Metro, Bus, Tram, and Waterbus until midnight. The price for a regular class Nol card 1-day pass is AED 20, while the Gold class pass costs AED 40.

This affordable option offers great flexibility, allowing you to explore Dubai’s attractions and get where you need to go without worrying about added costs. With just one card, you can seamlessly switch between different modes of public transport.

Nol Card 1 Day Pass

The Nol Card 1 Day Pass in Dubai provides a convenient way for travelers to enjoy unlimited rides on public transportation for an entire day. This pass has different types and prices to suit various preferences.

Types and Features of 1 Day NOL Card

There are two primary types of Nol 1 Day Pass: Regular and Gold Class.

Regular Class offers unlimited travel on Dubai’s metro, buses, and trams, while Gold Class provides the same benefits but in a more luxurious setting.

You can purchase these passes from several locations, including metro station offices, vending machines, bus stations, and even certain retail outlets.

The pass is valid until midnight of the same day it is activated and allows you to travel seamlessly across all modes of public transport.

Both types of passes save you the hassle of purchasing individual tickets for each journey, enhancing your travel experience.

NOL 1 Day Card Prices

The Nol card one-day pass price varies based on the type of pass you choose.

The regular class pass costs AED 20 and the gold class pass costs AED 40.

NOL 1 Day Card Prices

With the regular pass, you can enjoy unlimited rides across the standard-class cabins. Whereas with the gold pass, you get to experience more spacious, less crowded, and more comfortable travel conditions.

These NOL card prices offer great value, especially if you plan to use public transportation frequently throughout the day. Whether you’re exploring the city’s attractions or commuting for work, the one-day pass provides an economical and stress-free solution.

NOL 1 Day Card Validity

  • Usage: The Nol 1 Day Pass can be used for travel on Dubai Metro, Buses, and Dubai Trams.
  • Reloadability: This pass is non-reloadable.
  • Validity Duration: The pass is valid for one day only.
  • Expiration: The pass is valid until midnight on the day of first usage.

Where to Purchase NOL 1 Day Pass

You can buy the Nol 1 Day Pass from various locations around Dubai. These include metro station offices, vending machines, and bus station ticket offices.

This pass is available in two classes: regular and Gold class, which cost AED 20 and AED 40 respectively.

To make a purchase a 1 day NOL pass, simply visit one of the specified locations. Payment can typically be made via cash or card. If you prefer not to visit a physical location, some online options may also be available, though that would depend on the current system updates.

How to Use Nol 1 Day Pass

After purchasing your Nol 1 Day Pass, it allows you unlimited travel until midnight on the day of activation. To use it, just tap the card on the entry and exit gates of the metro stations. For buses, tap the card on the reader upon boarding and alighting.

This pass is designed for seamless travel across different modes of public transport, making it ideal for tourists and daily commuters. Remember to keep the card handy throughout the day to ensure smooth and uninterrupted travel.

For those using Gold card passes, be aware that these grant access to the more luxurious Gold Class carriages in the metro, providing added comfort during your journey.

Following these steps ensures you can easily navigate Dubai’s extensive public transport network with the Nol 1 Day Pass.

Which transportation services in Dubai are covered by the one-day ticket?

Planning your day in Dubai and wondering where the one-day ticket can take you? Well, it’s got you covered for the Dubai Metro, tram, and buses. Just a heads-up though – if you’re thinking of cruising on the water, the water bus and other water services aren’t included. So, stick to the land and you’re all set!

Dubai Metro Pass Options

So, if you’re looking for a 1-day pass for a standard journey, you can go for the Red ticket at 20 AED or opt for a touch of luxury with the Gold ticket at 40 AED.

Ticket TypesPass Category and ValidityPass Price
Red ticketsStandard / 1 day pass20 AED
Gold ticketsStandard / 1 day pass40 AED
Silver TicketsWeekly Pass / 7 Day110 AED
Red TicketsMonthly / 30 days pass350 AED

Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding the details and costs associated with the Nol 1 Day Pass can help you make the best use of Dubai’s public transportation system. Below are answers to common questions.

How much does a Dubai Metro 1 Day Pass cost?

The cost of a Dubai Metro 1 Day Pass varies by class. A regular class pass costs AED 20, while the Gold class pass costs AED 40. Both options offer unlimited trips until midnight.

What are the benefits of a Nol 1 Day Pass for unlimited travel?

The Nol 1 Day Pass allows you to travel unlimitedly on the metro, bus, tram, and waterbus within Dubai for an entire calendar day. This flexibility is ideal for tourists and residents alike, enabling extensive travel across various zones without worrying about additional fares.

Can a single Nol card be used by multiple people for travel in one day?

A single Nol card is intended for use by only one individual. Multiple people cannot share a single card for their travels on the same day. Each traveler needs their own Nol card to access public transportation services.

What is the price difference between a 7-day pass and a 1-day pass for the Dubai Metro?

A 7-day Nol pass offers a more cost-effective solution for extended stays or frequent travel. The 1-day regular pass costs AED 20, while the 7-day regular pass provides unlimited travel for AED 110. Similarly, the Gold class 1-day pass is AED 40, with the 7-day option costing AED 220.

Which is the most cost-effective Nol card option for tourists?

For tourists planning to explore Dubai extensively within a short period, the 1-day pass offers great value. It provides unlimited travel across various modes of transport for the entire day. For longer stays, the 7-day pass may be more economical.

Are there special Nol card passes for tourists, and how do their prices compare to regular passes?

Tourist-specific Nol cards, like the Red Ticket, offer flexibility for short-term visitors. These can be topped up for specific durations or trips. The pricing for tourist passes is comparable to regular Nol cards, with the key advantage being the ability to choose passes tailored to the length of your stay.